Behind this Akron bar is an $800,000 delinquent tax bill


Fights. Grand theft auto. After-hours partying. Late-night arrests. Cops attacked and a bouncer killed. A rash of alarming activity at Game 7 Bar and Grille on Arlington Street has prompted city leaders to block a liquor permit application and to pursue legal action to shutter the night club. Akron Councilwoman Tara Mosley-Samples is pushing a ballot issue to outlaw liquor sales in the surrounding neighborhood. But buried beneath the alcohol-related crimes at 627 S. Arlington St. is a property owner known by city and county officials for running up a delinquent tax bill of more than $800,000 — enough to hire about 15 police officers for a year. The owner is 627 S Arlington, a limited liability company created in 2014 by Gary L. Thomas, according...

Behind this Akron bar is an $800,000 delinquent tax bill

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