Puppy adopted after apparently being burned by acid


LOMA LINDA, Calif. -- A southern California woman was heartbroken after seeing a puppy that appears to have been burned with some kind of acid, CBS Los Angeles reports. The puppy's jaw was also broken. The burns are along the puppy's muzzle and eye.He's a 3-month-old pit bull and lab mix -- and he is lucky to be alive."It's heartbreaking because it really was burnt you could see it," Alycia Enciso said. "What kind of animal could do this to a puppy?"She was actually looking for her lost dog, Tiggy, at the San Bernardino shelter on Tuesday when she said a teenager dropped Lucky off after finding him in his awful condition."I tried to clean it but he was in a lot of pain," she said.Fearing the shelter couldn't give him the proper round-the-clock care...

Puppy adopted after apparently being burned by acid

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